National Scenic Byway Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony in Jacksonport

There was a special ceremony held in Jacksonport’s Lakeside Park Thursday afternoon celebrating the Door County Scenic Byway being officially designated as a National Scenic Byway. The event began with Destination Door County’s Jon Jarosh as master of ceremonies describing the multiple ways this national designation would help the county……

There were commemorative speeches from Door County Coastal Byway Chairperson Ann Miller, Travel Wisconsin Regional Tourism Specialist David Spigelburg, Wisconsin DOT Regional Director Colleen Harris, and County Board Chairperson David Lienau. During David Spigel’s speech, he compared the scenic byway to an incredible “string of pearls” where the road itself is the string and all the beautiful views and attractions along the route are the many valued pearls. As he said, a tourism zone cannot ask for anything better than that. Colleen Harris mentioned how she wasn’t surprised by the local determination to achieve this designation, as she says here…..

In various ways by each speaker, it was mentioned how this national designation will help promote all of Door County as a top-tier travel destination to a national audience and help support local businesses. The ceremony concluded with the ribbon-cutting in front of one of the informational kiosks which are found along the byway’s route. County Board Chairperson David Lienau had the honor of cutting the ribbon with the big scissors. Snacks and refreshments were served soon after the sunny afternoon ceremony.

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