Little Lake Restoration Project Continues

The first phase of the Little Lake restoration project in Sturgeon Bay is continuing. The effort to rehabilitate the small body of water at Sunset Park is currently focused on the development of an engineered wetland. The project began on August 24th with the goal of providing an area that will filter storm water runoff from 260 acres on the northeast side of Sturgeon Bay. As part of the project, grasses, plants, shrubs and trees will be planted in the wetland to filter and remove pollutants naturally before the stormwater enters the lake. A successful fundraising effort, spearheaded by Doctor John Herlache, raised more than $96,000 in grants and donations for the construction project and grant funding secured by the city will cover almost $300,000 of the cost of the wetland. Engineering intended to remove more than seven feet of sediment covering part of the lake bottom is the next element of the phased in project. Its estimated that a million dollars will be needed to dredge the bottom of the lake officially known as Bradley Lake. In addition, public input will be sought to determine how the lake should look when the rehabilitation project is completed. Thanks to Roger Anderson for the project update.

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