Land Trust Adds to Chambers Island Nature Preserve

Two small islands in Lake Mackaysee on Chambers Island are now officially part of the Door County Land Trust’s 600 acre Chambers Island Nature Preserve. According to the land trust, the Town of Gibraltar aided the process by purchasing the islands from the Wisconsin Commission of Public Lands and then sold them to the land trust to be protected as part of the Chambers Island Nature Preserve. The two islands were designated to be sold by the Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, with local units of government having the first opportunity to make then purchase. Voters in the Town of Gibraltar approved the purchase plan which indicated that 100 percent of the purchase cost would be covered by the Door County Land Trust. The organization, in partnership with the Chambers Island Nature Preserve Committee, raised the private funds needed to purchase the islands and completed the transaction on September 19th. By 2020, the Door County Land Trust expects to be protecting 800 acres of island property.

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