Jacksonport Budget Process Delayed Until December 8th

A glitch has arisen in connection with a recent town of Jacksonport budget meeting held on Wednesday. Apparently, the town board forgot to take official action approving a $100,000 increase in the tax levy for next year and the next two years after. The board had set up three sessions in order to reach a consensus on the budget expansion proposal. Town residents were able to comment on the budget, then were given the opportunity to vote on the measure and that action was to have been followed by the town board’s vote. However, after residents voted 49 to 37 in favor of the proposal, the board adjourned before taking its vote on the matter. Board-members had indicated the additional dollars were needed to help pay for much needed improvements such as an upgrade to the fire station. However, several speakers expressed concern about providing a significant budgetary increase without having specifics for where the money would be spent. Now comes word that the budget process will be completed at a meeting on December 8th.

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