Informational Meeting on Forestville Mill Pond Draw Down

State Representative Joel Kitchens has announced an informational hearing with members of the Department of Natural Resources on the process of the Forestville Mill Pond draw down, and the expected impact it will have within the First Assembly District. Kitchens says the decision to draw the mill pond down is a local issue and appears to be final, but he believes it’s important for the public to understand what the draw down will actually entail. He says he’s asked the DNR to an informational meeting to provide a briefing on what to expect during and after the draw down process. Kitchens notes that neither he, nor the DNR are the decision-making authority on the issue, that the final decision has already been made and that the meeting is not the venue to request an appeal. Instead, participants are asked to respectfully listen and focus any questions solely on the draw down process itself. The information meeting is set for 3PM on Monday, April 1st, at Algoma City Hall.

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