Horseshoe Bay Farms Sold to Historic Preservation Group

The historic Horseshoe Bay Farms near Egg Harbor has been sold. Horseshoe Bay Farms, Incorporated, a newly created historic preservation non-profit organization, funded and secured the purchase of 8.5 acres of original farm property, nine barn structures, and, remaining historic farm artifacts. The group also spear-headed the effort to move two historic cottages from the shoreline to the farm property in order to ensure their preservation and future use. The new non-profit is being led by a group of concerned citizens with the goal of restoring and preserving the historic complex. Working together, under the umbrella of the Door County Community Foundation, several generous families and numerous community volunteers have joined forces to make the preservation and restoration of Horseshoe Bay Farms a reality. In the coming year, planning work is expected to commence that will ultimately lead to the protection of the Farms for generations to come.

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