High Winds Cause Power Outages in Area

Gusty winds and falling trees or branches led to a number of power outages in Door County Thursday. Wisconsin Public Service indicated that as many as 400 customers lost power in Door County.
Many of them were situated in the Sturgeon Bay area. Sturgeon Bay Utilities had another problem to contend with. Electrical Supervisor Jason Bieri reported that only a handful of customers lost power due to fallen trees or trees on power lines, but a glitch in the phone system prevented callers from accessing the local utility’s answering service in Marinette. Bieri is asking anyone who had difficulty getting through to again try calling 1(920)-746-2820. Bieri says the problem emanating from AT&T appears to have been cleared up. He says the utility wants to be sure that every customer of Sturgeon Bay Utilities is receiving the level of electrical service they expect. Bieri says anyone who continues to have problems with the phone system should call this number, 1(920)-493-6491.

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