High Water Levels Slowing Little Lake Restoration

High lake levels are hampering the effort to complete a wetland as part of the Little Lake restoration project at Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay. According to an update provided by Roger Anderson, the water level in the small body of water officially called Bradley Lake is making it more difficult to finish the wetland.
Progress has been made in other areas. The report notes that the south cell, closest to 3rd Avenue, has been seeded and mulched. On June 29th, emergent plugs were planted at the water’s edge by a crew of master gardeners, rotarians and city employees under Greg Meissner’s guidance. The middle cell has also been seeded and mulched. On Saturday, about 950 plugs need to be planted with additional trees and shrubs expected to be added to the wetland in the fall. The planting project Saturday will begin at 8AM.
The street runoff or storm water from 260 acres on the northeast side of Sturgeon Bay will be diverted into the south cell where the filtration/cleaning process will begin. The storm water currently empties into Little Lake, bringing with it contaminants and nutrients that are causing excessive vegetation to grow in the lake. An attempt to pump water out of the north cell next to Little Lake was unsuccessful and Rass Excavating will not be able to complete this cell until the water level in the lake drops.
Engineering work on dredging, the second phase of the project, is continuing. Meetings will be held to determine what amenities the public would like to see at Sunset Park and Little Lake. A launch area for canoes, kayaks and paddle boats, a fishing pier, walking paths with informational kiosks explaining the wetland, and an ice skating rink are possibilities.

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