Heroic Actions Prevent Drowning at Marina

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department is crediting the unselfish actions of four men for saving the life of a local resident who fell from a wheelchair into the water and nearly drowned Wednesday evening. Captain Dan Brinkman says the 40-year old Sturgeon Bay man was on the dock at the Madelyn Marina off Memoral Drive when the accident happened around 7PM. He was throwing a ball to his dog when an on-looker saw him fall into about ten feet of water. The witness called for help, was heard by a man who alerted two others on their docked boat at the marina. They quickly jumped into the water and found the victim floating face down. They used a flotation device to keep the unconscious man afloat until help arrived. Officers and emergency responders lifted the victim out of the water and took him to medical facilities. According to his family, he is recovering and is expected to be released from the hospital. Captain Brinkman says the Sturgeon Bay Police Department is thankful that the four bystanders responded quickly and saved a life.

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