Harbor Commission to Lay out Plan for Future Projects

The Sturgeon Bay Harbor Commission will consider a statement of intentions laying out a list of future harbor improvements as a result of action taken by the Sturgeon Bay Common Council Tuesday. Community Development Director Marty Olejniczak, said the non-binding document is essentially a list of possible projects that the Department of Transportation uses to gauge the level of port activity and determine how much funding to request from the state legislature for the harbor assistance program…

Municipal Services Director Bob Bordeau said in order for the city to apply for grant funding, potential projects must be listed in the city’s three-year harbor improvement plan…

However, council-member Kelly Catarozoli asked that the statement of intentions be sent to the harbor commission so residents could comment on it. The council agreed after Bordeau noted that applications for grant funding won’t be considered until 2017. According to the executive summary, Sturgeon Bay has successfully used the grant program in the past for such projects as reconstruction of the East Side Dock, the Sawyer Dock, and, the floating dock at Bay Shipbuilding.

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