Fish Sticks Project Continues at Kangaroo Lake

A program to place “fish sticks” in Kangaroo Lake, in the Baileys Harbor area, will continue this week. “Fish sticks” are mid-sized trees that have been harvested elsewhere, transported to a lake and placed in the near shore, shallow water where they are anchored to the shoreline. The Kangaroo Lake Association, in partnership with the Nature Conservancy, and with partial funding by the DNR, will place the trees in Kangaroo Lake on Saturday. It was noted that 92% of the life of a lake has its origin at the shoreline. When logs and trees are absent in the water at the shoreline, the number and size of fish decline. Songbirds disappear, frogs and turtles are all but eliminated and healthy aquatic plants are reduced significantly. A three-year shoreline preservation and restoration planning grant, obtained in 2014, supports the “fish sticks” bulrush restoration projects already underway on Kangaroo Lake.

For more information on the Kangaroo Lake Association head to their web site

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