First Steel Cutting at Fincantieri Bay Ship

This last January, Fincantieri Marine Group secured a contract with a company called “Crest Wind” to build a 288-foot service operation vessel (or “SOV”) To support and maintain offshore wind farms in virginia. Wednesday morning was the “first steel cutting” ceremony at Bay Shipbuilding, the first tangible step of the construction process. This moment marks the transition from drawings and plans to creating the actual ship with steel, and it celebrates the hard work that has gone into the design of the ship. Bay Ship Vice President & General Manager Jan Allman shared the importance of the forthcoming vessel…………

Crest Wind Project Manager Raymond Martus then expressed his thanks to all the Bay Ship workers who will now build this ship which will help bring us into the future of sustainable energy sources………..

Then Josh Bennett of the Dominion Energry wind farm spoke about the wind turbines the ship will service, and he shared his excitement to put the vessel to work………….

The project managers then stood at the control panel for the steel cutting machine, pressed the start button, and the cutting commenced. The “HAV – 832” service operation vessel is scheduled to go into service in 2026.

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