Fincantieri Bay Ship to Build 2nd LNG Bunker Barge

Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding has announced their partnering with PNE Marine Holdings (an affiliate of Polaris New Energy), to build another 5,500 cubic meter liquid natural gas (or LNG) bunker barge. This will be a sister vessel to the LNG bunker barge currently in production, the Clean Canaveral, whose assembly began with its keel-laying in June of 2020 and will be delivered next month. This 2nd LNG bunker barge to be built here in Sturgeon Bay will have similar dimensions to the Clean Canaveral. It will be 340 feet long with a 66 foot beam and a depth of 32 feet 10 inches. As the maritime industry advances its sustainability goals through lower carbon fuels, liquid natural gas is the leading solution. This new vessel will again add to the existing fleet delivering this fuel cruise ships, container vessels, bulk carriers, ferries, and tankers both in-service and on-order today. PNE and Polaris are subsidiaries of Northstar Terminals, and Northstar’s Senior Vice President for LNG comments, “We’re excited to be moving forward on the 2nd barge with Fincantieri. They proved to be the right partners to build the Clean Canaveral.”

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