Bay Ship Hopes to Move Old Railroad Depot

In 2015 Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding acquired property in Sturgeon Bay along 3rd Avenue which included the old train depot. Built in 1914, the former Ahnapee & Western train depot eventually became numerous other businesses such as a tavern, a microbrewery, and a restaurant. Now, Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding is looking to move the old train depot off that property, as they have other plans for that space. Sturgeon Bay Mayor David Ward says the city knows of different parties interested in that building…

Earlier this year, the neighboring building, which was a store years ago, was torn down to create more parking for Bay Ship. As for the historic old train depot, there are more people interested in the building itself. Mayor Ward says there is an additional interested party working directly with Bay Ship…

The Sturgeon Bay Common Council approved a resolution 8 years ago to vacate those properties, as the depot has no historical designation and is under no protective conditions.

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