Fire Chief Recruitment Process Continues in Sturgeon Bay

The process of recruiting a new fire chief in Sturgeon Bay continues Friday afternoon with a closed door session of the city’s fire and police commission. The meeting to consider recruitment begins at 1PM. Current Fire Chief Tim Herlache has announced that he will leave the position he has held for 13 years in January. Herlache, who is 56, has been a member of the fire department since 1979. The last three Sturgeon Bay Fire Chiefs, Gary Drexler, the late Terry MacDonald and Herlache, were all promoted from within the department. The longest serving Fire Chief, Frank Stroh, held the position for nearly 38 years, passing away on the job in November of 1939. Members of the Sturgeon Bay Fire and Police Commission include President Michael Van Dyke and Chuck Brann, Barb Herdina, Sandy Hurley, and, Dave Poulton.

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