Fire Call in Thunder Hill Neighborhood

There was a fire call in the early evening Thursday reporting smoke and fire in a trailer in the Thunder Hill neighborhood. Just before 6:30 pm a passerby noticed the smoke and flames and called 9-1-1. Sturgeon Bay Assistant Fire Chief Kalin Montevideo said there were 3 trucks and 5 fire responders en route when they were alerted that the fire was on the exterior of the trailer. The fire started when discarded cigarette smoking materials on the outside of the trailer caught the skirting and bottom corner of the deck on fire. The passerby who called 9-1-1 alerted the trailer’s occupant who then extinguished the fire with a garden hose just before the fire department arrived. Montevideo commented that the entire fire call and the response initiated could have been avoided by just being really cognizant of the container you are putting your cigarettes in and that the materials are completely extinguished.

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