Extension Granted for Waterfront Hotel Development

A one year extension for the planned unit development related to a west side Sturgeon Bay hotel project was granted by the Sturgeon Bay City Council during its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon. Bob Papke of Sawyer Hotel Development, LLC, developer of the west side waterfront lodging facility, has indicated that he still wants to construct the hotel if a lawsuit between the city and a group opposed to the project is resolved on the city’s behalf. Because of the pending lawsuit, the City of Sturgeon Bay has been unable to transfer the property to Papke. The city’s zoning code requires work on a PUD project to begin within two years and the one approved for the hotel is set to expire in February. However, up to three one-year extensions are possible and the city council has approved similar requests several times in the past, as it did this time with council-members Will Gregory and Kelly Catarozoli objecting.

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