Ephraim Fire & Rescue Helps Boy Locked in Room

Ephraim Fire & Rescue received a different kind of “service call” Tuesday morning. At about 8:30AM, the call came from a family staying at a bed & breakfast on the far north end of Moravia Road. The family reported their 3 year-old boy was locked in a 3rd-floor bedroom. Ephraim Fire Chief Justin MacDonald explains…

A firefighter then used a ladder to get up onto the 3rd floor balcony, and the rescue plan changed from access through the balcony door to a nearby window…

Fire Chief MacDonald says the 3 year-old is fascinated with firemen and firetrucks, and this fascination kept the child happy, interested, and engaged. An attentive and engaged child was much more helpful than a crying or frightened child. He was soon freed from the locked room and the service call was completed in just under 30 minutes.

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