Enigl Donates Archive to Egg Harbor Historical Society

The Egg Harbor Historical Society acquired a treasure trove of Door County history in January when John Enigl turned over his archive of more than 200 audiotapes of interviews conducted during his writing career. Enigl, who wrote about history, agriculture and community events for the Door County Advocate for more than 20 years, donated the material to the society, which will catalog the tapes. The historical society plans to create a searchable data base of the interviews and multimedia projects from the archive including scores of notable people in Door County history. Egg Harbor Historical Society President Jim Peterson said the organization is fortunate to have the opportunity to put a voice to the names of so many Door County historical figures. He expressed gratitude for the work compiled by Enigl as a historian who archived important material.

For more information on the Egg Harbor Historical Society, check out their web site http://eggharborwi.com/

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