Eagle Tower to be Repaired

After much discussion and citizen input, the Department of Natural Resources is now saying that the Eagle Tower at Peninsula State Park near Fish Creek will be rebuilt. The state agency closed the 75-foot observation deck last May, saying an inspection found it structurally unsound. There were also indications that the DNR planned to take the tower down. The tower will, indeed, be taken down, but, in this case, the DNR will examine the structure piece by piece to determine what is needed to put it back together for future generations to use. In addition, an attempt will be made to salvage parts from the current structure once a plan is in place for the rebuilding project. At this point, no cost estimate is available. The DNR is expected to take the tower down in the summer and, if all goes well, have it available for the general public to use in the spring of 2017. A citizens group, with help from State Representative Joel Kitchens and State Senators Frank Lasee and Rob Cowles, met with the DNR on several occasions to discuss ways to save the structure. As part of the process, an effort is being made to have the Eagle Tower included on the state and national register of historic places.

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