DOT Adds Turn Arrow for Truck Route Through Sturgeon Bay

In an effort to keep trucks moving on the designated truck route in Sturgeon Bay, the Department of Transportation has installed one left turn arrow at the intersection of Egg Harbor Road and North 14th Avenue. Sturgeon Bay City Engineer Chad Shefchik says the arrow will be visible and in use when heading west on Egg Harbor Road as you come to the intersection with North 14th. He says some trucks were not turning left onto North 14th Avenue as instructed because when traffic is heavy they could only make the turn as the light was turning yellow, allowing one truck through the intersection per signal transfer. Shefchik says with the addition of the arrow, the DOT is hopeful that a larger percentage of trucks will follow the intended truck detour route. He says all costs associated with the installation of the arrow are being paid for by the DOT and, at the completion of the project, the intersection will be restored to its previous layouts and turnings. Shefchik says those costs will also be paid by the state transportation agency.

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