Door & Kewaunee Counties Participating in Deer Donation Program

Deer hunters are being reminded that Door County & Kewaunee County are again participating in the Wisconsin deer donation program. Greg Coulthurst has been involved with the program for more than a dozen years. He says the number of donations have ebbed and flowed over the years…

Coulthurst says he’s hopeful that deer donations will pick up this year…

Successful hunters wishing to donate their venison should follow the proper procedures for harvesting, field dressing and registering their deer. Then contact one of the processors, drop off the deer during designated hours and sign a log-in sheet to verify the donation. Participating processors are Marchant’s Foods and Haberli Deer Processing in Door County, and They’s Venison Processing in Kewaunee County. The deer meat will be donated to Lakeshore Cap and Feed My People food pantries.

Follow the link for more information on the 2015 Wisconsin deer donation program

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