Door County YMCA Receives Packers Foundation Grant

Two representatives of the Door County YMCA attended Wednesday’s luncheon event at Green Bay’s Lambeau Field Atrium for the 2023 grant recipients through the Green Bay Packers Foundation. The Door County YMCA was one of 321 Wisconsin organizations that received a portion of the record annual grand total of $1.5 million last year. Door County YMCA Mission Advancement team members Brett Cleveland and Kim DeCock enjoyed the luncheon event and were able to meet former Packers wide receiver Bill Schroeder. The grant was to help support the YMCA’s foods program as it will go towards the purchase of a stove for the new kitchen at the Sturgeon Bay program center. CEO Tana Felhofer explains the luncheon event and how the grants do benefit organizations state-wide…

Applicants can only apply once every 5 years, and the Door County YMCA is grateful to have been chosen as a recipient. Felhofer discussed the new stove and how it will be used…

For more information on the YMCA’s foods program or the weight loss class, you can go to the website

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