Door County Board Votes to Support Face Mask Enforcement

The Door County Board of Supervisors had a special meeting Friday morning specifically to discuss and take action on supporting enforcement of recommended health safety practices such as wearing face masks and not holding large gatherings. The board voted unanimously to support such endorsement. Board Chairman David Lienau goes into detail about what this means…..

This special board meeting was arranged after Door County Medical Center CEO Brian Stevens sent them a letter explaining the hospital’s current situation dealing with COVID-19. Lienau explains further…..

So the county board now supports enforcement of Door County Public Health’s Advisory #1. This states that the local health officer may issue a directive to a person or business not following the health guidelines. Noncompliance may then result in enforcement involving fines. Chairman Lienau gives more evidence as to just how dire the hospital situation is, and how important these safety guidelines are….

The critical health recommendations listed in the advisory are as follows: 1) stay at home as much as possible, 2) all individuals should take precautions when leaving their homes to ensure their safety, the safety of the members of their household, and the safety of the public, 3) if you must go out wear a mask and maintain social distancing of 6 feet between individuals who are not members of the same household, 4) wash hands frequently, 5) avoid any in-person gatherings with people outside of your household, and 6) avoid participating in any large gatherings.

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