DNR Grants Request of Reconsideration on Kinnard Farm’s Expansion

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has issued a final order regarding an administrative challenge to Kinnard Farm’s permit to expand from 4,000 cows to 6,200. The final order does not uphold conditions set in a ruling by an administrative judge in 2014, that would have forced Kinnard Farms to conduct ground water monitoring, including the installation of wells away from the farm, and put a cap on the number of animals at the farm. The farm originally received permission for the expansion in 2012, but that order was challenged by environmental groups that were concerned that the concentrated animal feeding operation, or CAFO, would contaminate groundwater and create runoff problems for area waters. The Wisconsin Department of Justice recently stated that the conditions set by the administrative judge were unlawful and that the DOJ would not defend the the DNR in any future legal challenges if it were to uphold the administrative decision. The DNR ruling means that the farm can now move forward with their expansion plans.

For a full statement from Kinnard Farms on the issue go here www.kinnardfarms.com/wi/news

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