Destination Door County: Postpone, Don’t Cancel

Destination Door County has been hearing many questions from the local tourism community concerning the current pandemic and our upcoming tourist season. When will it start? Will there be one? And what messages are going out about this season? For the first time ever, they are having to ask visitors to temporarily postpone their trips to our county. The truth is they don’t yet know when local, state, or federal health authorities will say it’s safe for people to move about and allow travel to begin, but what they feel is very important now is the message we send. We want people to move their trip plans, not cancel them. When communicating with your customers, simply put, replace “Don’t come” with “Wait until it’s safe”. While this responsibility certainly belongs to Destination Door County, it will also take each of us doing our own part in helping local tourism move forward, both during and beyond this health crisis.

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