DCMM Using Hay Wagon to Cross Flooded Cana Island Causeway

The Door County Maritime Museum is taking measures to see to it that the Cana Island Lighthouse near Baileys Harbor remains open. The historic structures on the island are maintained by the museum in cooperation with the Door County Park System. From time to time, the rising waters of Lake Michigan cover the causeway leading from the mainland parking lot to the island. The shallow wade has been troublesome for some visitors. Now, help has arrived for those who prefer not to get their feet wet. The museum is using a tractor-drawn hay wagon with seats and sides to traverse the causeway. The more adventuresome who plan to wade across the causeway are urged to use water-repellent footwear to avoid injury from rocks and sharp zebra mussels that have been deposited on the causeway. The Cana Island buildings are open from 10AM to 5PM daily with an admission charge and an additional fee for the 97-step climb to the lighthouse tower and its stunning view of Lake Michigan.

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