DC Public Health Vaccine Update

As reported earlier, the Wisconsin DHS has just announced the latest eligibility group for COVID-19 vaccination, those with underlying medical conditions. Door County Public Health has then informed us that, unfortunately, being eligible does not necessarily mean there will be vaccine available for this new group. Due to limited vaccine supply, they need to continue to prioritize those in previously eligible groups. Also, due to many in the previous groups still on Door County’s wait list, it is unlikely that they will be able to move on to the newly eligible on March 29th. Since that new group does not begin until March 29th, they are currently not adding anyone in that group to the wait list. Therefore, if you are not in one of the currently eligible groups, they cannot add you to the wait list at this time, and they ask you to wait until March 29th when the new eligibility group is in effect. They are hoping that the vaccine supply will be more abundant by that time and they will be able to vaccinate all those who want it in a timely way.

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