DARE Program Addresses Harmful Effects of Bullying

The recent report of a significant bullying incident at Sevastopol School in Institute is probably not an isolated incident. Chris Neuville, Juvenile Investigator for the Door County Sheriff’s Department, says, unfortunately, the social problem can happen anywhere. Neuville says the key is to address the situation immediately. He says the DARE program works with young people in the schools to help them avoid such destructive behavior. Neuville says DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) isn’t only about avoiding drugs…

Neuville was asked if the incident at Sevastopol has created a “teachable moment”…

Neuville, who visits Door County schools for much of the year, says young people, by and large, are respectful of one another, but problems can arise. Coincidentally, he will be bringing the DARE program to Sevastopol in January.

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