County Board Votes Against Pay Raise/Will Continue Study of Old Highway Shop

By a large margin, the Door County Board decided not to increase the per diem pay for supervisors elected in 2016 from the current $150 per day to $200 each for board meetings attended. The final vote was 15 to 6 against the proposal. Opponents of the idea said Door County supervisors were already the highest paid county board members in the state, on a per diem basis. One supervisor will be getting a little more to help him fulfill his meeting requirements. Supervisors agreed to increase the lodging fee for the Washington Island representative in 2016 to the going room rate, rather than the current limit of $60 daily. It was noted that the island supervisor has to check in the day before in order to make the monthly meeting of the county board.

Door County will continue to study the feasibility of turning the old highway shop off 14th Avenue in Sturgeon Bay into a multi-use facility. Supervisors this week agreed to fund up to $25,000 for a study that would determine if the old highway facility could provide space for the senior center and the ambulance garage. Venture Architects of Milwaukee has been selected to do the study at a cost of $17,200. The board put a little cushion in the expenditure approved Tuesday as a contingency in the event that the study costs more than anticipated.

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