Council Votes to Dissolve Waterfront Redevelopment Authority

The Waterfront Redevelopement Authority, a part of Sturgeon Bay city government for more than three decades, will soon pass into the history books. On a vote of six to one, the city council voted to dissolve the citizen committee. Alderman David Ward, a strong advocate for economic development, voted no. In recent months, the committee had crossed swords with a waterfront friends group over the fate of a city-owned waterfront parcel. The group sued the city and the WRA over the placement of the parcel’s ordinary high water mark, a line that delineates where land close to the water can be developed. The impasse has yet to be resolved. Prior to taking its vote, the city council spent about two hours in closed session debating the issue. In determining to dissolve the committee, the council apparently agreed to take responsibility for any of the obligations of the WRA.

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