Council to Decide on Herbicide Use for Sawyer Park Project

If phase three of the Sawyer Park landscaping project is completed without the use of a “roundup” type herbicide, the project costs will increase by an additional $3,316 dollars. Council-member Kelly Catarozoli asked that the use of the herbicide be eliminated from the project to prepare beds for planting. The city’s contractor, Sunnypoint Landscaping, has indicated that using a weed barrier and a thick layer of mulch could block all light from these areas for six to eight weeks. Because the project must be completed by mid-June, overtime wages will be required. In the executive summary to the city council, it was noted that the proposal does not guarantee that results will be successful. The city council has already awarded the contract to Sunnypoint for just over $22,287. The council Tuesday will decide if the project will be done in accordance with the original plans and specifications or if the herbicide will be eliminated and a change order needed.

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