Council Selects Ward as New Alderman

On a vote of 4 to 2, the Sturgeon Bay Common Council selected Doctor David Ward to serve as 3rd District Alderman during its regular meeting Tuesday. Doctor Ward replaces Ed Ireland who resigned due to health reasons. He will serve until the April election. Ward has an extensive background in academia, economic development and consulting. He received his PHD in finance at UW/Madison and taught and held administrative positions at the University of Wisconsin/Green Bay and UW/Oshkosh. In addition, he served as interim chancellor for UWGB. Ward created Northstar Economics in 2000, offering consulting expertise in numerous arenas and has been actively involved in community groups and programs in several locations. He told the council that his background in finance, investing, both academically and in the real world, gives him a unique perspective…

Laurel Hauser and Barry Mellin, by video, explained why they wanted to serve. Hauser received votes during balloting from alderpersons Kelly Catarozoli and Will Gregory. Doctor Ward will assume the 3rd District Aldermanic position after being sworn-in.

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