Council Authorizes Goose Roundup in Sturgeon Bay

Another goose roundup has been authorized for several areas in the City of Sturgeon Bay. The city council Tuesday gave the go-ahead for the project and applying for grant funding through the Department of Natural Resources. Municipal Services Director Mike Barker says the resident goose population continues to grow in city parks and other areas and it’s time to thin the flock to keep parks enjoyable for visitors and residents. Barker says the parks department spends 40 to 50 hours each month cleaning up after the birds. Barker says the goose roundup has worked in the past and had the added benefit of reducing the amount of e-coli bacteria at city beaches resulting in fewer beach closures. He notes that the roundup takes place in early July at Sunset Park, Memorial Drive, and Otumba park if need be. Each year, $7,500 is budgeted for the program. It’s anticipated that receipt of state grant funding will cut the city’s costs in half.

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