Combine Fire in Roadway, Town of Sevastopol

There was a fire involving a farm implement in the roadway Wednesday in the town of Sevastopol. The Sturgeon Bay Fire Department received the call just before 4:30 pm of the fully-engulfed combine on fire on Martin Road between Dunn and Windermere Drive. The combine’s owner, Tom Sawyer, mentioned there were no issues with the combine and it was working well. They were heading to their final 4-acre plot to combine when as he was going down the roadway he noticed some white smoke. Within moments the combine was on fire. Fire Chief Tim Dietman reports they responded with 5 vehicles and 8 fire-fighters. Dietman comments, “We hit it with the deck gun to knock down the majority of the fire, and the fire goes out fairly easy on a combine because typically there is not much to burn.” The department used about 1,000 gallons of water, and that section of Martin Road was closed off until morning, when a crane and flat-bed could properly remove the damaged combine. There were no injuries, and the cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

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