City May Stop Snowblowing Downtown Sidewalks in Sturgeon Bay

If the Sturgeon Bay City Council accepts the recommendation of its community protection and services committee, the city’s practice of snowblowing business sidewalks will be ended. In January, the committee discussed the removal of snow on the new sidewalks recently installed on Egg Harbor Road. At that time, letters were sent to the affected businesses making them aware that it was their responsibility to clear the snow, noting that if the snow is not removed, the city will do the work for a fee. Currently, after each three inch snowfall, city crews clear away the snow from sidewalks in the downtown area. Other business districts in the city have asked for the same service. Meanwhile, a search of records failed to indicate when or why the practice started. The question was raised, if the current policy continues, where do you draw the line? Hence, the decision to eliminate the program altogether, the Sturgeon Bay City Council will take up the matter Tuesday afternoon.

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