Chemical Spill Cleaned Up Friday Morning

sbfdThe Sturgeon Bay Fire Department sent a crew of five firefighters to Ministry Door County Medical Center Friday morning after receiving the report of a hazardous materials spill. Fire Chief Tim Dietman says the initial call came in at 8am and department members arriving on the scene learned that a five gallon plastic jug containing formalin fell from a shelf in a storage area of the surgical department. When it hit the floor, the cap came off and some of the chemical spilled out. Formalin, also known as formaldehyde, is a preservative. As a precautionary measure, firemen used air packs and special suits. An absorptive compound was used by hospital personnel which followed the appropriate protocol including decontamination for one person. There were no injuries. After cleaning up and bagging the spill, the fire crew left the hospital at 9:20am.

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