Census Response from Vacation Homes in DC

We have a message here from the communications team working with the US Census Bureau with some important information for those with vacation or seasonal homes in Door County. At this point, only 46.2% of Door County households have completed the 2020 census, well below the state-wide completion rate of 69.5%. One cause of this low response rate could be seasonal home owners who might be confused about which home address they should use when responding. If you are a vacation home owner (where you do not live or sleep most of the time) and you know no one usually lives there, you can respond online or by phone and answer “no” when asked if you or anyone else was living or staying at your address on April 1st of 2020. If you received a questionnaire at your door, you can also fill that out and mail it back. The census bureau has also begun emailing households where response rates are less than 50%. It is not too late to respond online, by phone, or by mail. Doing this will help the census be more accurate, ensure that everyone is counted only once and in the correct place, and it also means a census taker will not have to follow up in person.

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