Burning Tree on Powerline at Cherry Hills

When Sunday’s powerful storm passed through the area, there were many trees downed by the wind. One of those trees was on the Cherry Hills Golf Course in the Town of Sevastopol where it landed on a power line and started on fire. Sturgeon Bay Assistant Fire Chief Kalin Monetevideo reports that the call came in just after 8:20 pm. When their one engine and a brush truck arrived on the scene they noticed the tree was a considerable distance off the road out on the golf course. Wisconsin Public Service soon arrived to cut the power and stop any additional burning. At that time, mother nature provided some helpful rain while the brush truck and a few golf carts with firefighters traveled to the burning tree out on the course. Once near the tree there were onlya few hotspots to extinguish with less than 50 gallons of water, and they remained nearby to extinguish any additional falling embers. There were no injuries, and they were able to clear the scene within 90 minutes.

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