Sternard, Overbeck Win Multiple Events

Hannah Sternard (Sturgeon Bay) won the long jump and triple jump while Brodie Overbeck (Soutehrn Door won the shot put and discus events on Tuesday at Southern Door.

Long Jump- Hannah Sternard, Sturgeon Bay; Steph Frappy, NEW Lutheran; Leah Schmidt< NEW Lutheran
Triple Jump- Hannah Sternard, Sturgeon Bay; Lean Allan, Oconto; Paige Olson, Southern Door
Pole Vault- Danica Neville, Southern Door
High Jump- Steph Grappy, NEW Lutheran; Hannah Moe, Oconto; Jade Tomberiln, Sturgeon bay
Discus Hailey- Shimon, Southern Door; Bobbi Blahnik, Algoma; Cabria Zuehlke, Sturgeon Bay
Shot Put- Leah Schmidt, NEW Lutheran; Bobbi Blahnik, Algoma; Sydnee Guilette, Algoma
100- Morgan Mattson, Algoma; Lean Allan, Oconto; Isabella McCosky, Algoma
200- Hannah Moe, Oconto; Morgan Mattson, Algoma; Claire Bohn, Sturgeon Bay
400- Hannah Moe, Oconto; Lydiah Lecloux, Southern Door; Jade Tomberlin, Sturgeon Bay
800- Elizabeth Finger, Oconto; Elli Finger, Oconto; Marily Ramirez, Southern Door
1600- Mikayla Laluzerne, Sturgeon Bay; Josie Mireles, Oconto
3200- Brooke Strege, Southern Door; Mikayla Laluzerne, Sturgeon Bay
100 Hurdles- Lauren Alger, Sturgeon Bay; Cate Anderson, Sturgeon Bay; Samantha Rusch, NEW Lutheran
300 Hurdles- Cate Anderson, Sturgeon Bay; Hannah Moe, Oconto; Samantha Rusch, NEW Lutheran
400 Relay NEW Lutheran
800 Relay Sturgeon Bay (Alger, Anderson, Alexa Nelson, Elena LeRoy)
1600 Relay Sturgeon Bay (Elizabeth Barker, Mallory Barker, Alyssa Brendemuehl, Kenzie Fish)
3200 Relay Southern Door (Lecloux, Ramirez, Beyounce Hernandez, Strege)

Shot Put- Brodie Overbeck, Southern Door; Gannon Evers, Sturgeon Bay; Drew Defere, Southern Door
Discus- Brodie Overbeck, Southern Door; Landen Hintz, Sturgeon Bay; Trystan Ford, Southern Door
High Jump- Eli Mancheski, Southern Door; Espen Walker, Sturgeon Bay; Davon Caylor, Oconto
Long Jump- Davon Caylor, Oconto, Storm Adams, Sturgeon Bay; Kyle Conard, Southern Door
Triple Jump- Kyle Conard, Southern Door; Dominic Caylor, Oconto; Hunter Malvitz, Southern Door
Pole Vault- Gordon Hodges, Sturgeon Bay; Austin Miller, Algoma; Cody Nellis, Southern Door
100- Elijah Lange, NEW Lutheran; Davon Caylor, Oconto; Alex Montana, Southern Door
200- Elijah Lange, NEW Lutheran; Kyle Conard, Southern Door; Alex Montana, Southern Door
400- Zack Wendland, NEW Lutheran; Davon Caylor, Oconto; Xavier Jandrin, Sturgeon Bay
800- Zack Wendland, NEW Lutheran; Eli Mancheski, Southern Door; Brady Paul, NEW Lutheran
1600- Brady Paul, NEW Lutheran; Ben DeNamur, Sturgeon Bay; Angel Jordan, Oconto
3200- Ben DeNamur, Sturgeon Bay; Andrew Konop, Sturgeon Bay; Collin Grota, Southern Door
110 Hurdles- Kaden Borkovetz, Southern Door; Andrew Kluth, Southern Door; Tatum Routhieaux, Sturgeon Bay
300 Hurdles- Andrew Kluth, Southern Door, Kaden Borkovetz, Southern Door, Tatum Routhieaux, Sturegon BAy
400 Relay Southern Door (Montana, Borkovetz, Nick Baudhuin, Conard)
800 Relay Sturgeon Bay (Adams, Hintz, Avory Kahles, Craven Lautenbach)
1600 Relay Southern Door (Kluth, Malvitz, Mancheski, Mason Massart)
3200 Relay Sturgeon Bay (DeNamur, Evers, Glenn Faller, Andrew Konop)

Team Scores

Sturgeon Bay 107
Oconto 69
Southern Door 65
NEW Lutheran 42
Algoma 38

Southern Door 138
Sturgeon Bay 96
NEW Lutheran 51
Oconto 36
Algoma 9

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