Eagles Win Harris Cup

Southern Door won the Harris Cup at the Door County Classic Track & Field Meet at Gibraltar on Monday. The Eagles combined point total of 191 points was one more than Sturgeon Bay’s 190.

Girls Discus- Madelyn Wind, Clippers
Boys Discus- Brodie Overbeck, Eagles
Girls Shot Put- Molly LeCloux, Clippers
Boys Shot Put- Brodie Overbeck, Eagles
Girls High Jump- Danica Werkheiser, Pioneers
Boys High Jump- Eli Mancheski, Eagles
Boys Pole Vault- Connor Thompson, Vikings
Girls Long Jump- Hannah Sternard, Clippers
Boys Long Jump- Kaden Borkovetz, Eagles
Girls Triple Jump- Hannah Sternard, Clippers
Boys Triple Jump- Spencer Hubbard, Clippers
Girls 100- Kylee Duessler, Pioneers
Boys 100- Ricky Carlson, Clippers
Girls 200- Danica Neville, Eagles
Boys 200- Victor Jauregui, Vikings
Girls 400- Danica Neville, Eagles
Boys 400- Angel Jauregui, Vikings
Girls 800- Brooke Strege, Eagles
Boys 800- Ben Grota, Eagles
Girls 1600- Brooke Strege, Eagles
Boys 1600- Ben Grota, Eagles
Girls 3200- Brooke Strege, Eagles
Boys 3200- Ben Grota, Eagles
Girls 100 Hurdles- Cate Anderson, Clippers
Boys 110 Hurdles- Kaden Borkovetz, Eagles
Girls 300 Hurdles- Cate Anderson, Clippers
Boys 300 Hurdles- Andrew Kluth, Eagles
Girls 400 Relay- Clippers (Tiviani Andropolis, Claire Bohn, Kenzie Fish, Cady Carlson)
Boys 400 Relay- Eagles (Alex Montana, Alaric Urban, Zack Lynch, Cody Nellis)
Girls 800 Relay- Vikings (Sarah Daubner, Andie Schar, Mikala Gorham, Lauren Bertges)
Boys 800 Relay- Vikings (A. Jauregui, V. Jauregui, Thompson, Will Lecy)
Girls 1600 Relay- Clippers (Sternard, Mallory Barker, Anderson, Grace Felhofer)
Boys 1600 Relay-Eagles (Kluth, Hunter Malvitz, Mason Massart, Mancheski)
Girls 32300 Relay- Clippers (Jade Tomberlin, Maggie Stephens, Julia Kurek, Julia Michalski)
Boys 3200 Relay- Clippers (Chase Hasenjager, Ethan DeNamur, Glenn Faller, Aldo Rangel)
*Girls Pole Vault unable to compete because of rain

Southern Door 120
Sturgeon Bay 81
Gibraltar 61
Sevastopol 7

Sturgeon Bay 109
Southern Door 71
Gibraltar 40
Sevastopol 30

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