DeGrave Wins at The Hill

Dave DeGrave won his third street stock feature race of the year at The Hill on Saturday Night. Racing will return to The Hill on July 24.

Street Stocks
1. Dave DeGrave, Luxemburg
2. Shannon Guelette, Luxemburg
3. Troy Muench, Brussels
4. Chad Naze, Green Bay
5. Rick LeMieux, Sturgeon Bay

Stock Cars
1. Zach Spangenberg, Manitowoc
2. Dan Sell, Jr, Suring
3. Brett Wenzel, Manitowoc
4. Billy LeMieux, Sturgeon Bay
5. Caden LeMieux, Sturgeon Bay

Sport Mods
1. Jarred VanLaanen, Luxemburg
2. Cody Rass, Sturgeon Bay
3. Craig Dorner, Luxemburg
4. Randy LeMieux, JR, Brussels
5. Rick LeMieux, Sturgeon Bay

1. Kyle Jorgenson, Oneida
2. Thomas Schulte, Kaukauna
3. Scott Schlafke, Cleveland
4. Tony Everard, Green Bay
5. TJ Everard, Green Bay

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