Two Minor Fire Calls Tuesday Night

Local fire fighters had two relatively minor fire calls Tuesday night, both at about 8:30PM. The first was to a residence on Ash Lane in the Town of Egg Harbor, and the other to a bed & breakfast in Sturgeon Bay.

The fire on Ash Lane was a chimney fire, the people in the home discovered the wall near the chimney was warm, so they called the Egg HArbor Fire Department. Chief Steve Schopf told WDOR News that the fire was confined to the chimney and there was no damage to the home. He advised the residents to have the chimney cleaned.

The second call was to the Garden Door on North 3rd Avenue in Sturgeon Bay, where a pizza was cooking, someone then set the oven to the clean mode, and a fire started. Chief Tim Dietman said a couple of firefighters grabbed the oven and took it outside where it was quickly extinguished with no damage to anything else.

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