Sturgeon Bay Man Tazed Outside of Gas Station

There was quite a commotion outside of the Sturgeon Bay Shell Station Taco Bell Friday evening. At around 6:45 pm, an emergency call was made concerning a domestic abuse situation at a residence just west of Sturgeon Bay on Highway 42/57. The suspect, a 40 year-old Sturgeon Bay man, left the scene prior to a sheriff’s deputy arrival on the scene. He was soon located at the Shell Station Taco Bell just up the road. Chief Deputy Pat McCarty reports that the suspect was asked to leave his vehicle but he was uncooperative. Staying in his vehicle, he attempted to ingest a bottle of pills, at which point the officers decided to remove him from his vehicle. It was when he continued being uncooperagtive when a Sturgeon Bay officer tazed the suspect twice. He was then safely taken into custody and transported by ambulance to the Door County Medical Center over concerns about the pills he had ingested. At the hospital he was medically evaluated, and then cleared for transportation to the Door County Jail.

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