Spring Election Results

Tuesday was the Spring Election, and here in Door County there was a total of 6,534 ballots cast. For the office of State Superintendent, Jill Underly carried Door County with 63% of the votes and she won statewide with 57%. The race for Court of Appeals Judge of District 3 was won by Greg Gill Jr. who received 55% of the votes district-wide, while here in Door County Rick Cveykus received 51% of the votes. There were plenty of contested races locally. The Gardner Town Chair was won by Carl Waterstreet and a Town Supervisor seat was won by Glen Merkle. In Union, the race for Town Clerk was won by Beth Hanson. Washington Island will have a new Town Chair with challenger Hans Lux winning that race. For the 2 open positions as vVllage of Egg Harbor Trustee, the winners were Angela Lensch and write-in candidate Cambria Mueller. Out of the 3 candidates for Village of Forestville Trustee, the 2 open positions were won by Dan Merkle and Jessica Koskubar. There were 6 candidates running for 3 seats on the Gibraltar School Board, and those 3 winners were Angela Sherman, Amie Carriere, and Erick Schrier. Of the 3 candidates for the Southern Door School Board, the 2 winners were Janel Veeser and Josh Jeanquart. And then out of the 4 candidates for the Sturgeon Bay School Board, the 3 winners were Angela M. Kruse, Roger L. Wood, and Damion L. Howard. There were also 4 local referendums on various ballots around the county. The Town of Gardner voted in favor of zoning within the town by 54%. Residents in the Village of Egg Harbor voted 54% in favor of funding for the Kress Pavilion. In the Village of Ephraim, voters were in favor of the premeir resort area tax by 74%, and 57% of Washington Island voters were in favor of school district funding.

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