Sevastopol School Construction Update

Construction is underway on the new addition to the Sevastopol School District. They have laid the foundation and are now continuing with electrical and sewer work. Two high-pressure commercial wells have been installed, and on-site they now have a larger propane tank to handle the needs of the new addition. With the students not physically at the school because of remote learning, superintendent Kyle Luedtke commented that the construction work has adapted to a different schedule and the pace of the work is encouraging. Some facilities which will be housed in the new addition include classrooms for early childhood to 5th grade, special education classrooms, two art rooms, an industrial arts wing, an agriculture classroom and greenhouse, a middle school and high school science wing, elementary library, and English language learning spaces. Luedtke says the addition is on schedule to be completed by the Fall of 2021, and construction progress updates will be posted on the Sevastopol’s Facebook page.

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