SBFD Purchasing New Air Packs

Sturgeon Bay firefighters will be receiving new state of the art air packs as a result of city council action Tuesday. The council agreed to accept the quote from Paul Conway Shields in the amount of $202,394, less a grant of $10,798, for 40 self-contained breathing apparatus units and associated equipment. When the grant is deducted, the city’s cost is $191,596. Fire Chief Tim Dietman said the air packs have a life expectancy of 15 years and are replaced as needed. However, the department was offered a one-time low price to replace all of the units at once. He noted the department could save more than $90,000 between now and 2022 if it didn’t replace the SCBA units on a piecemeal basis. In addition, the projected cost of a new ladder truck is less than had been anticipated, so some of the dollars expected to be spent on the truck could be transferred to the purchase of air packs.

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