Possible Additional Beach Expansion in Egg Harbor

The Village of Egg Harbor has just wrapped up their public beach expansion project last week, and now another beach expansion could possible be on the way. One limiting factor with the newly completed beach property is parking. The village started looking at opportunities to expand available parking, and they began looking at some of the Alpine resort’s adjacent property which happens to be for sale. There’s an additional topic of the wastewater pump station currently in the middle of the beach property. Village Administrator Ryan Heise explains that issue….

This one acre of waterfront property also has an existing breakwall which makes this possible expansion to the public beach that much more desirable….

This beach expansion would also be an opportunity to create a trail-head for a potential recreational trail which would go through the Alpine property and all the way down to Murphy Park. With this waterfront purchase not yet totally confirmed, the village planning commission is already asking if it will be enough…..

This beach expansion will be confirmed once the village hears they have been approved for a “Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund” grant, which they expect to hear by the end of the month.

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