Peninsula Music Festival “PlayOn” Initiative Reaches Fundraising Goal

Back on May 13th, the Peninsula Music Festival launched their “Play-On” initiative fund. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought continuing uncertainty, endless postponements, season cancellations, and a shutdown of supplemental sources of artistic income. The “Play-On” fund was started to help the musicians of the Festival orchestra with a stipend to help support their essential needs such as food, rent/mortgage, utilities, medical expenses, phone bills, and car payments. Since then, all contributions were met by a 25% match by the PMF, and they have now announced that their goal of raising $80,000 has been met. On behalf of the Festival and their musicians, they would like to thank everyone for the continued support. The Peninsula Music Festival is looking forward to welcoming everyone back to the Auditorium for the Symphony Series next summer from August 3rd through the 21st.

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