Mini Van Fire in Sturgeon Bay Monday

An emergency call came in for a vehicle engulfed in flames on Sturgeon Bay’s east side early Monday afternoon. At 1:15, a homeowner from the intersection of 7th Avenue and Colorado Street made the call saying the vehicle was about 5 feet away from his home. Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Tim Dietman reports his department sent 5 vehicles and 7 firefighters to the scene, and he explains what he found upon arrival…

They used a 30-pound dry chemical extinguisher to extinguish the fire before using approximately 90 gallons of water to cool down the remains and make sure the fire was contained. Fire Chief Dietman explains how they know the origin of the fire, but the cause remains a mystery…

The minivan was a total loss. The entire response too about 30 minutes, and there were no injuries.

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